When you are in your kitchen you choose to cook with the ingredients you already know. This is because you chose them by your predetermined sense of taste and learned cultural combinations. 


As a child I would go out into the garden and select a variety of exciting ingredients from anywhere i could find, and make potions. It was a harvest of scents, textures, colours and tastes. If it was beautiful it earned itself a property. 


Now, these potions were probably toxic, but with a child's imagination they become something with a purpose. They did something. 


We wanted to use this mind set,

but to create potions which actually work. 


We brought a small number of people together for an evening to create a selection of magical potions which would affect them as the recipe dictated. We allowed them to select ingredients, not based on their previous knowledge, but by the sounds it makes, the scent it releases, the colour and its form.


Done in collaboration with Toos Hartog, Lucandrea Baraldi, & Billie Van Katwijk

The Food Lab, Ketelhuis