Chocolate Portfolio

How do you show somebody who you really are, what excites you and really catch their interest in doing so?


In the face of needing to create an online portfolio, my answer was chocolate. It felt untrue to present myself only in an online frame work because I wanted to share the things that I was truly passionate about, not just show them.


The solution was to make a taster portfolio.

Tickling the taste buds by communicating my values, skills and projects with specially crafted chocolate. The portfolio does not share everything about me, but it is an invitation designed to wet the appetite to look further.


Each Chocolate is created from scratch, designed to  express personality and capture desire..





Note: If you are looking at this website, thinking, huh, why didn’t I get one of these, then please get in touch. Whilst you will be getting your experience completely the wrong way around, I still love sharing a taste of what an experience can be.