The Human Minimum


The Human minimum is the minimum which any individual can carry with them from any one space and time to another: their body.  Ophelia has explored and mapped out the body in an abstract way and manifested her findings into a book. From these she has concluded that the minimum we carry with us is actually a small infinity of possibilities, which is continuously producing.


Taking her research to a creation point, Ophelia looked at how we can minimise the identity we carry with us.  Our identity is inherent in our bodies from our fingerprints, to the way we have cut our hair to the way we use our body.  


Even if you strip yourself of all body adornment and belongings one still carries a prominent identity. Our body language renders us identifiable from long distances, the way we hold ourselves and in particular the way we move contributes to 55% of communication and reveals our identity to those who know us. We have a culturally developed use of our bodies which indicates places and things we have done in our life.


We unthinkingly carry ourselves with us where ever we go but by manipulating factors which we normally do not think about we can render ourselves unrecognisable.


Through a series of body jewellery, The Human Minimum restricts and reforms the body to reshape the identity which we give off. It manipulates posture and poise, to not just change the perception of ones personality from the outside, but also to do so for the person within.