“Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn”

- Benjamin franklin.


We’ve been teaching the same way for hundreds of years, with a method designed to work well for a lot of people.  But it doesn’t work well for everyone. 

Every brain is different and regular education systems don’t accommodate to that. They standardise the individual, and it fails those learners that don’t work in the same way.


To address this problem, Languages of Learning redesigns the primary learning spaces - the classroom and the textbook - to rethink the way we communicate.  By incorporating multi sensory triggers and storytelling, this project looks to inspire active learning which does not just rely primarily on words. 


It reimagines a classroom to be a stimulating space, where people actively move to learn. Where walls don’t just hold the ceilings up but become storyboards. metaphors, maps, & infographics. The classroom can become a learning stage. It doesn’t just encourage people to talk, it encourages people to perform, to show, to explore. 


It reimagines a textbook which tells stories not facts and figures.

Where pages are not linear, static and condensed but show you how information throughout the book links to one another. Where images do the jobs of words.


Both the new classroom and text book truly adapt to the individual & empower them to play with how they communicate and understand.



Languages of Learning