The Royal Albert hall has a rich history, from its establishment in 1871 and the cultural importance it held in that era to being a modern icon that has hosted the world’s leading figures in music, dance, sport and politics. 


As the 150th Anniversary approaches, The Fat Duck’s experimental kitchen was commissioned to create a Victorian Dinner for 40 guests of The Royal Albert Hall to celebrate the hall’s cultural significance. 


Collaborating with The Fat duck team, we curated a musical dinner: each course was composed of victorian inspired dishes, accompanied with sound experiences, transporting guests to different worlds throughout the evening.

With the Hall’s fantastic facilities at our disposal, we changed the setting’s environment and played with nostalgic associations, the power of a told story, cross modal influences, and how music can bring out different flavour notes. In turn each course transformed the experience of the food served.


Done in Collaboration with The Fat Duck


The Royal Albert Hall



Dinner with Heston at the Royal Albert Hall