Silver Pod


The desire to keep an image or a message close to you in an old one: the locket  has been around for centuries. The wish that inspired the locket remains; but tastes change as time does. I believed the jewellery could benefit from an updated look.


I replaced the traditional circle-oval-heart with a sleek pod. The new shape offers a contemporary take on the old necklace, whilst quoting natural influences, giving it a classic, timeless quality. Instead of a clip, the piece holds a rolled up piece of paper through the use of a fitting lid. As long as the pendant is on its chain, the lid cannot be lost. If you were to wear it always, your special words or special picture could never disappear - they would be kept safe, by your heart. Your romantic or sentimental tendencies may flourish, not announced through an ostentatious valentine but concealed in this silver pod. Being lovelorn shouldn’t prohibit being stylish.