The Human Minimum

Even if you strip yourself of all body adornment and belongings one still carries a prominent identity.

Our identity is inherent in our bodies; the way we hold ourselves and the way we move renders us identifiable from long distances &  contributes to 55% of our communication. We unthinkingly carry ourselves with us where ever we go, but by manipulating factors which are normally automatic we can render ourselves unrecognisable, even to ourselves.

Through a series of body jewellery, The Human Minimum restricts and reforms the body to change our perceived identities. By manipulating posture and poise, the outer form is changed. This change in countenance can also enable a change in the state of mind, forcing upon different moods where needed, giving confidence to the shy, giving consideration to the brash or power to the reserved.

The Human minimum is a concept extracted from a larger research project into the travelling person which explored the minimum which any individual can carry with them from any one space and time to another: their body. Touching on topics around the body’s minimum anatomy, the fuel required to keep it working, and the story it tells, the findings were analysed and manifested into a book. From these it was concluded that the minimum we carry with us is actually a small infinity.