Trojan Chocolate

This project began with a conflict of interest which many of us experience often; The moment you are doing grocery shopping and you find yourself in the chocolate isle… You look up at all the mouth melting choice and think to yourself


'I really want it, but i really shouldn't have it'



In this moment your short term desires (for chocolate and immediate pleasure) conflict with your long term desires (health and image), but as the short term desires are more immediate, most of the time they gain priority in your mind.

Normally, when the need to indulge in sweet things occurs, there is a healthier choice, make it yourself and control what goes into it. This does not apply to chocolate as most people aren't even aware of what the ingredients are, let alone how to make it. 





This project is about creating a viable alternative to the the bastardisation of willy wonka's dream located in the commercial world out to feed us; provide an alternative, where one will be able to give in to temptation in the moment, yet reserve the indulgence for the future:


A make your own chocolate kit which you can buy in the moment and the machine to bring it home, and make it your own.